The 9 best CRYPTO Domains

Owning a CRYPTO domain on the WEB3 has never been easier.

crypto domains

With UnStoppable Domains, you can buy your domain, and when you do, you own it for life. – No renewal fees ever. – That’s it!

What are the available crypto domains?

.888 .bitcoin .blockchain .crypto .dao .nft .wallet .x .zil

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Why own a crypto domain?

Use it to securely log in across the decentralized Web 3 in a few clicks without compromising privacy, allowing you to share data on your own terms.

It’s your name for your Web3 profile for life. It allows you to build your digital identity with Domain Profiles. Verify your social accounts, display your NFT avatar, and highlight achievements.

A name for getting paid: Make sending and receiving crypto simple. Replace long, complicated wallet addresses with a single, easy-to-read name.

A name for your Web3 website: Build a Web3 website with a domain that you fully own and control. Your domain is yours for life – no renewal fees, gas fees, or hosting fees.

Where can I use or see my crypto domain?

Brave Browser

Web3 still has a long way to go, and most browsers don’t like crypto domains because they are decentralized. However, there is one, which is great, where you can view and navigate with your crypto domains.


Did you know, you can actually earn crypto using their browser!?
Yes, you can.
When you sign in using your .crypto domain, you receive rewards, although they may be small, but hey something is something.

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