What is best for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization to rank in the top 5?

The basics of search engine optimization.

What search engine optimization (SEO) means is that it is a comparative analysis of a business and the products or services they wish to sell against the competition to generate keywords and phrases that are implemented in the text, images, and videos visible to the public, as well as the source code that is visible to the search engines and their algorithms, to beat their competitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for any business is as necessary as accounting. Actually, without it, there is not much of a need for an accountant!

For most, learning search engine optimization in digital marketing and all aspects of building a great web presence online can be tedious. It is not enough to just SEO your website. You need to consider all aspects of your brand name and its marketing using the social networks available, which include video networks such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

There are numerous companies trying to sell what is search engine optimization today,

and all compete towards the same goal, which is to supposedly help your business have the highest ranking possible. However, what search engine optimization companies, with their search engine optimization tools, schemes, or programs, do not tell you is that you have to, and should, think about it!

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization techniques.

OneExample.com does take the time to think about each company and analyze what is best using real (HI) human intelligence. Not a copy/paste plug n’ play approach using store-bought software. Then the technique of (AI) Artificial Intelligence is implemented, or mixed, to create results better than just what one (Human) might think of based on the software they are using.

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Here is a great article on technical SEO and how it was implemented by BoomandBucket.com in the heavy equipment sales industry.

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