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This web site is one example of how to put what you want on the Internet, customized with your own domain, email, hosting, website or catalog.

Domain, @ 's, and Hosting
100% Controlled by the client.
If you need help buying and configuring your domains, emails and hosting in 1Example, ask for it here.
Responsive Sites and Catalogs *
 * Fits all sizes of horizontal and vertical screen.

 If you want your site or customized catalog, contact us below.

 Sites and catalogs can be changed, modified, or edited 100% from where they are, using simple software.
Search Engines
 Your website will appear in the Google search engine, when it is optimized for search engines.
Optimization for search engines
  •  By analyzing the site and its content, it will generate specific key words and phrases.
  •  They are added to the site, uploaded to the Internet, and registered / indexed on Google.
  •  With your free Google account you can see your Webmaster Tools and Analytics.
To verify a site and acheive a good ranking in Google®, Bing® and Yahoo!®, customers of 1 Example also use Search Engine Visibility.
    Guarantee your total satisfaction, and develop the website when you have 100% of its content.
  •  Text digitized in Word or Note.
  •  Photos and logos in .jpeg, .png, .tiff

 Files where we have to recapture / save images and text will have an additional cost guaranteed!
All websites are self-editable using simple software:
Ideal for those who want clear, short and concise solutions, to control and change all the content of their websites.
Companies - catalogs
Entreprenuers - 360 degree product shots
Bars and Restaurants - menus
Webmasters and Advertising agencies
Real estate - properties
          Compact course with the software:
           2 classes of 1.5hrs each**
          How to create and modify all the content of your catalog online
          Better practices for selling from your web site
           How and where Google is applied (SEO)

           ** Requires software.
          Download your demo for FREE.
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